Author Bio: AR Simmons

AR Simmons is a life-long resident of the Ozarks. This country boy went bare-footed most summers as a child. He attended a one-room school for eight grades. His father was an Ozark boy who met Simmons’ mother (the daughter of German immigrants in Chicago) while at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station during World War II. Members of the “Greatest Generation,” his parents worked factory jobs and the family’s subsistence farm. Neither of them finished high school, but they read constantly and provided their children with lots of reading material including a set of Encyclopedia Britannica that must have stretched their budget.

Simmons has worked as a school janitor (at the one-room school when he was in the 6th grade), a carpenter’s helper, a factory worker, a soldier, a newspaper employee, and a public school teacher. Of course, he worked on the family farm.

He learned to write while earning degrees in History back in the days when databases were slips of paper compiled in a shoe box, when word processors were manual typewriters, and when editing was actually done with a blue pencil. His first fiction (after writing innumerable essays, term papers,and theses) were science fiction short stories which generated a blizzard of rejections. He began writing mystery/suspense with Bonne Femme, the first book in the series. In 2003-2004 he began serializing his novels on-line. Now he is writing the Richard Carter series.

He and his wife (cover artist, muse, and best friend) still live on the Ozark farm his grandfather cleared and settled. He writes his tales of obsession during the cold months.

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