Author Interview: Martin B. Caise, Jr. “Marty”

Bookdreamerz recently caught up with independent author and IT security expert Martin B. Caise, Jr. for an interview to talk about his published work and his approach to writing.

BookDreamerz: For those who don’t know you or your writing, tell us a little about yourself. Let’s start with where you grew up?
“Marty”: I moved around a lot when I was a young kid but settled in South Texas where I still call home. I have to admit, writing was not something I thought I would ever do, especially since I hated reading so much, but once I started, I couldn’t stop. Most of my time is spent in the “real world” of surviving in America. Most of my free time is spent writing, but I am also a bit of a perfectionist and tend to be overly patient about what I publish.

BookDreamerz: When did you first start writing?
“Marty”: I didn’t start writing seriously until about 10 years ago and most of it then was in pieces. It wasn’t until 5 years ago I started to put those pieces together into something I was proud of.

BookDreamerz: Who influenced you most in your writing career?
“Marty”: I have had a number of people influence me over the last 10 years. My wife has always been a huge influence. In fact, I pushed her so hard to publish herself, that she turned the tables on me and suggested I do the same. I guess she has been the biggest influence in my life, but I do think I pull a great deal of influence from one of my mentors Dondi Scumaci who is a well known author. She taught me quite a bit and I learned a lot from her.

BookDreamerz: Can you talk about a particular piece you’ve written that brings you the most joy?
“Marty”: I think the first book is always the proudest one for me, so I would have to say Hacking I.T. My intent was to deliver a message to those in the technology field who struggled as I did. Trying to figure out how to have a meaningful career and find success. That is really hard for some in IT because the assumption we all make is that we are only successful if we make a lot of money… Hint… that is not always the case.

BookDreamerz: Do you include life experiences into your writing?
“Marty”: Absolutely. My first two books were based on my professional career with situations I took from my personal life to help others bridge the gap between having a successful career and having a successful personal life.

BookDreamerz: When you complete a piece, do you ever think there is more you could add?
“Marty”: I used to. As I mentioned I had been writing seriously for 10 years but it wasn’t until I was 5 years in I realized that you can destroy a piece by continuing to fool with it. When I wrote my first book it was twice as long and took on a completely different meaning when I had it reviewed. I realized my message was not about what was wrong in IT but how to find your role in it. Once I removed all of my negativity, I was really happy with the book.

BookDreamerz: When you are not writing what occupies your time?
“Marty”: I don’t know when I am not in front of my computer, but when I am not writing or working, I spend a lot of time at home with my family binge watching our favorite shows or spending time chasing our dogs.

BookDreamerz: Can you describe how seeing your first book in print affected your approach to writing?
“Marty”: It was exciting. I don’t know if any first time author doesn’t get a thrill from seeing their name on a book they’ve written. I think seeing it is one thing. The struggle comes after you have copy number one and you can;t wait to see the report that shows the number of books sold. That is where frustration can sometimes set in.

BookDreamerz: How would you categorize your interaction with your readers or fan’s of your books?
“Marty”: I think I have a great relationship with my fans. Those who have approached me have been very supportive and a few were very honest – which I appreciated just as much.

BookDreamerz: Have you ever considered stopping the writing process after receiving negative criticism?
“Marty”: NO… ABSOLUTELY NOT. I write because I feel I have something that needs to be said. Like it. Don’t like it. That’s okay with me. I look at writing as I would other media formats… if you don’t like the show, change the channel. If there are those that don’t agree or like my writing, put the book down and move on.

BookDreamerz: Have you considered writing in other genres?
“Marty”: Yes, as a matter of fact, I did that very thing with my latest book The Vessel. My first two books were more in the category of technology leadership and commentaries on IT security, but when I decided to write The Vessel, I had an idea in my head and started putting it on paper. When that happened, I was hooked. I loved the idea of developing characters and trying to give a visual play by play without being overly long winded. My hope was to take the reader on a journey and leave in some mystery and the reviews I got confirmed that.

BookDreamerz: Are their topics you find difficult to write about?
“Marty”: Yes, there are, but I think all writers have this challenge. The topics maybe different, but the ability to open up about them or develop a story line around them can be very challenging. Most of those are topics that are very personal to me because I relate to them a little too much and the uneasy feelings I get from revisiting these topics make it even harder.

BookDreamerz: Finally, is there anything you would like to share about what readers can expect from you in the future?
“Marty”: After writing The Vessel, I took a break from writing for a while. Time has not been in high abundance for me lately with my kids graduating from college and continuing to focus on my career in IT Security, writing has become a welcomed retreat for me. So I spend smaller amounts of time writing pieces and then come back to them and see where they are going. I have decided to focus my attention on writing more fictional stories that have a technology and psychological edge to them. I have finished the follow up to The Vessel and recently started a new piece that is still being developed, so I hope to have both of those out later this year.

We want to thank Marty for taking the time to visit with us and make sure you check out his books by visiting his Author Page

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