Author Bio: Martin B. Caise, Jr.

“Marty” Caise has been involved in IT support and software development for 25 years including all aspects of server side and client side technology implementation, automated deployment, training, and support. Previously focused on the K12 and higher education verticals, Marty joined an industry-leading data and network security firm and moved into Sales and Channel Marketing as a Channel Systems Engineer, evangelist, and instructor. For 8 years, Marty traveled the globe, working with companies of different sizes, verticals, and industries – focusing on improving the evolutionary security landscape.

As an author, public speaker and technical trainer, Marty reaches a large audience, discussing challenging technology and security concepts – communicating them in creative ways that are easily absorbed by his audience.

His most recent project is a science fiction suspense thriller titled The Vessel which blends virtual reality to traditional action and adventure.

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