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BookDreamerz Review of The Vessel by Martin B. Caise, Jr.

A fairly new author, Martin B. Caise, Jr. has started to make a name for himself in the author community. Starting in leadership and career focused technology books, he released his first short fiction novel in 2018 entitled The Vessel. If you enjoy mysterious adventure with a hints of technological science fiction, then this is a nice book to check out.

Set in the not so distant future, The Vessel tells an intriguing story. The world is facing an energy crisis that could bring the world’s population to the brink of extinction. The government recruits a disgruntled research professor named Sam Morgan who is no excited to be asked to save the world. However, with some coaxing from his rival and some encouragement from the government council chairman has Morgan assembling a team made up of cunning and somewhat shady characters.

As the team is assembled and begins their search for an ancient source code program that will repair the energy management system, Morgan starts to find clues that things are not exactly what they appear. This has Morgan pulled in one direction as the rest of the team goes in another. This is until Morgan learns the truth and realizes that those he suspected of possible sabotage are actually trying to help him and his team. Without giving away the entire story, The Vessel is appropriately titled as the story describes different levels of control. Control by the world government to protect it’s citizens and control by another unknown force that has been manipulating everyone’s reality. That is until Morgan discovers it and makes a bold attempt to destroy it.

According to the author, this is the first of a six book series and from this reviewers perspective, I can’t wait to get my hands on the next installment.

You can pick up a copy of this book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07C1V358F

BookDreamerz Review of Being Neighborly by M.C. Questgend

One of our featured authors is M.C. Questgend. The former founder of the BookDreamerz Network, M.C. has stepped away from the everyday management of the network to focus on writing and other pursuits. Our loss has resulted in an even bigger gain as M.C. has put together a number of fantastic short stories and novellas over the last couple of years. M.C.’s latest is amply named, Being Neighborly (available on Amazon in May 2020).

This 25,000-word story is filled with emotion which emulates, M.C.’s character, but also includes some subtle graphic sexual undertones that will either have you curling your toes with delight or cringing with fear.

The story takes place in Houston, Texas, where Brian Christopher and his wife Karen are continuing to build a life together, but this couple is struggling. Not with money or family, but with each other. They are both career-minded and the stresses of their job are offset by their off work hour activities. Spending time apart has become more relaxing than being together. Suspicions are cropping up between them and things don’t get better when someone new moves in next door.

The new neighbor, Melissa is a very attractive and independent woman who has just moved back to her home state and quickly turns to Brian and Karen for local help and some innocent companionship. Also career-minded, she bonds with the couple almost immediately, but there is more to Melissa than her career, she also has a part-job that is off the beaten path and Karen and Brian learn about it in their own unique way. This has Karen perplexed and Brian excited but not for the reasons you may think.

The problems between Brian and Karen make things difficult and Melissa begins to notice, but instead of keeping her distance, she unknowingly discovers the secrets each of them is hiding. In the process, Brian and Melissa bond even further while Karen’s suspicions grow exponentially, and when Karen learns what Brian has been hiding the rails come off and things take a major turn for the worst. Strangely enough, it would be Melissa who steps in to help them both as they go their separate ways, but the bond between Melissa and Brian continues to grow emotionally and professionally.

Make no mistake, this wonderful story is more than just a little erotic, but M.C. has the ability to put some fantastic emotion in the story and make it real for anyone who can relate to the main character, Brian. This story is not a traditional erotic story about a straight couple who meet a third who joins in. This is an emotional story about a gender-confused man who uses a long time activity to stay relaxed and sane, but when his new neighbor steps in to help him through a difficult break-up, he learns an important lesson and the difference between having control and being controlled.

This story is for adults only and includes straight sex, lite BDSM, crossdressing, femdom, and feminization.

You can pick up a copy of this book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B088P7BT1D

BookDreamerz Review of Gambling on Gender by Sally Bend

Don’t blink when you read this story or you could lose yourself in it. Sally’s risk taking in her short story Gambling on Gender is a winner; taking the gambling world to a new place and the reader reaching for their wallet. The main character in this story is looking for a break at the slots after having a rough day of feeding machines with almost nothing to show for it, but a little honesty goes along way and his luck begins to change… just not as expected.

The quick and magical transformations in this story include a roller coaster of emotions. As this casino was in complete control. This story is for the fantasy driven but be careful as your fantasies may be replaced with some difficult visuals as the character goes through one transformation after another and not all of them are what you would expect. As the character was not transforming but transporting from person to person in the casino.

The story progresses as the character becomes enthralled in the adventures of the casino patrons, but also faces an uncertain future. Can he get out? Can he find himself? Does he want to? Without giving away anymore secrets of this wonderful story, readers of this one should think about what “could” happen and not what you wish “would” happen. This is not a feel good story as much as it is an exciting scary one. Much like gambling, taking risks in a casino can have pleasurable and frightening outcomes… which would you prefer and is the casino a real place of opportunity or an inviting place that turns to a prison?

Pick up a copy on Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07YL7G8S1